We bring the latest cyber tools and technologies to bear on pressing problems. We work with scientists who study critical issues from the genetic causes of cancer to the impacts of climate change. We form research teams that involve faculty members at universities across North Carolina and the U.S. and that are positioned to bring major research projects to North Carolina.

RENCI Vision

We strive to be a preeminent national leader in R&D in the data and cyber technologies that power scientific discovery and business innovation. This is the science of cyberinfrastructure. We work to make RENCI a sought-after partner by those working to solve complex, multidisciplinary problems that require advanced and integrated cyberinfrastructure and data technologies to design solutions.

A Focus on Data

Data is the currency of the knowledge economy and 21st century cyberinfrastructure must enable scientists, educators, businesses, and governments to use big data to advance science, solve problems, and ignite economic innovation.  We build, test and deploy data technologies for:

  • Medicine and Genomics: secure virtual workspaces for research using patient data; cyberinfrastructure to support whole genome sequencing; visual analytics on patient data to improve clinical care.
  • Environmental Sciences: HPC and visualization to model coastal storm surge; software and cyber tools for interoperability and sharing of hydrology data and models.
  • Data Management: Testing, packaging, and support for the iRODS code base to ensure a production-quality data management solution.

RENCI Guiding Principles

1. Necessity: We believe that cyberinfrastructure—including high performance, high throughput and multicore computing, data systems, information visualization, high performance networking and networked collaboration tools—are essential components of 21st-century scientific discovery and sustainable economic growth. We aggressively develop ever more powerful, comprehensive, and integrated cyber technologies.

2. Collaboration: We believe all research and problem solving in the 21st century requires collaboration across fields of expertise and institutions. We work to build partnerships across the universities in North Carolina, to other universities, public agencies and the private sector. Our efforts strengthen North Carolina’s universities by helping them take on problems they could not effectively address in isolation.

3. Advancement: We are committed to advancing the science of cyberinfrastructure to better serve researchers and the state of North Carolina. Real people working on real problems use the tools we create and deploy, and what we learn from those successes feeds back into our own research, helping us develop the next generation of cyber technologies.

4. Inclusivity: We believe that advanced cyber tools and technologies must be accessible to all and we work to ensure that our communities of users represent the diversity of thought and backgrounds in North Carolina, the U.S. and the world. We believe that cyber technologies in the hands of a wide scope of people—artists, educators, humanists, scientists, entrepreneurs and audiences who have been underserved in the past—will empower creativity, discovery and innovation beyond what we can imagine today.