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Engagement Centers

RENCI’s engagement centers allow RENCI experts to collaborate with North Carolina university academics, scientists, and students across a variety of disciplines. They provide faculty the unique opportunity to take advantage of RENCI visualization technology, computational and analytical expertise, and other resources for applications in science, engineering, the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

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Overview The National Consortium for Data Science (NCDS) is a collaboration of leaders in academia, industry and government formed to address the data challenges of the 21st century.  The NCDS was founded as a mechanism to help the U.S. take advantage of the increasing flow of digital data in order to produce new jobs and industries, […]

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Overview   The Research, Engagement and Capabilities Hub of North Carolina (REACH NC) is a searchable Web-based tool used to access profiles of experts at North Carolina universities and other research-oriented organizations. Through the REACH NC website, users can find experts and resources needed to build research teams or consultants who can assist businesses, government […]

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Brown Bag Lecture Series

Overview The RENCI Brown Bag Lecture series features talks by RENCI experts, partners and participants in the Carolina Launch Pad on current research activities. Unless otherwise advertised, the talks are held at noon on the third Wednesday of every month except November and December. All lectures are held in Suite 590 at RENCI headquarters, 100 […]

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VSCSE Summer Courses

Overview The Virtual School of Computational Science and Engineering (VSCSE) offers graduate students, faculty and industry professionals in science and engineering a unique opportunity to learn how to use cutting-edge computational resources to advance their research. Through an innovative nationwide virtual classroom hosted by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of […]

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4K Video Production

Overview 4K video cameras capture extreme high-resolution video—with an output 4,000 pixels wide, the cameras provide four times the resolution of “High-Definition” cameras. Used by Hollywood filmmakers and by researchers to capture images from the Martian landscape to the depths of Earth’s oceans, these high-resolution cameras offer opportunities to take research, education and art to […]

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Soundings Radio Show Archive

Overview The National Humanities Center (NHC) in Research Triangle Park produced the weekly Soundings radio show from 1980 to 1997, featuring interviews with scholars and writers. A total of 862 half-hour programs, recorded at WUNC radio, aired on more than 350 radio stations throughout the country The Soundings archive captures the voices of world-class scholars […]

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RENCI People

Overview RENCI People portrays the people in science, business, technology, the arts and humanities who use technology as a tool for discovery, creativity, innovation and education. They are diverse in their expertise and their backgrounds, but all recognize that technology infrastructure can enhances our capabilities and enable a more interesting world.

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Bot 2.0

Overview Botany through Web 2.0 (or “Bot 2.0”) was a 2-year project completed in April 2010. The Bot 2.0 program used an innovative technological approach to help retain student interest in the biological and botanical sciences and address the lack of diversity in the student population pursing the botanical sciences. The project introduced students from […]

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Overview Effective emergency management means educating first responders and county emergency managers on how to interpret and make use of complicated weather data. NC-FIRST is a program designed to help these front-line staff decipher weather data, understand weather threats and choose actions that minimize the threats to lives and property caused by extreme weather. NC-FIRST is […]

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