Coordination Team Lead

This position will become part of the Office of the Director Coordination Team (OOD-ST) at RENCI. The person in this position will work closely with members of RENCI’s Office of the Director (OOD) as well as OOD internal and external stakeholders and functional teams. High performance is critical for this position, as its role reflects directly on the efficiency of the RENCI leadership team, project teams, and RENCI internal operations.

This position will provide assistance to specific member/s of the Office of the Director in their responsibilities, including data gathering, meeting scheduling and facilitation, task tracking, and drafting documentation and correspondence. This position is responsible for information management, including conducting information research and analysis, and adapting to the evolving needs, as appropriate; managing data collection by using applicable software and tools; drafting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) when needed to support research and scholarly objectives; compiling information and drafting reports; and maintaining a collection of documents, materials, resources, and processes. The work involves developing and maintaining highly productive collaborative work relationships, the ability to take initiative and work independently with little supervision, understanding the priorities determined by the Office of the Director, and developing/evaluating/implementing processes for efficient workflows. This position will work closely with all members of the OOD-CT, with an array of functional and project teams at RENCI, and with external collaborators.

This position will provide project coordination and support in select external and internal operational programs and initiatives as well as for research projects and initiatives. This position will provide project/program administration and coordination in selected RENCI programs and will support RENCI in achieving strategic program goals and objectives. This position may, in part, serve as a program coordinator and/or project coordinator. Work involves developing and maintaining productive collaborative work relationships and assessing and responding to internal and external client needs. This position will support, interpret, and apply University and sponsored research programs policies and practices. The position will provide internal feedback, counseling, perform program/project administration and coordination, conduct targeted information research and analysis, and collaborate with the Communications staff to market the assigned program. Work will also include associated administrative and/or research budget functions.

This leader position will supervise multiple Coordination Specialist staff members.

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements

Bachelor’s degree and one year of experience related to the area of assignment; or equivalent combination of training and experience. All degrees must be received from appropriately accredited institutions.

Required Qualifications, Competencies, and Experience

  • Requires acquiring significant knowledge of programs, culture, and structure of the organization; applies knowledge of strategic goals, organizational practices, and critical policies, laws, rules, and regulations that impact the mission of the organization.
  • Requires an understanding of program goals and objectives, and an understanding of the technology tools that will be deployed to realize program objectives.
  • Independently resolves and/or develops recommendations for unprecedented issues and problems. Problem resolution requires some interpretation of policy and procedures.
  • Serves as a resource for others in resolving unprecedented, non-standard issues and problems.
  • Helps develop projects/solutions. Coordinates and facilitates solutions with other work units with internal and external organizations and constituents
  • Excellent organization and attention to detail
  • Must be able to work on several projects simultaneously, with minimal supervision and frequent interruptions.
  • Working knowledge of MS Office, Google Workspace, (or other similar project management tool).

Preferred Qualifications, Competencies, and Experience

  • Prior supervisory/management experience is a plus
  • Understanding the research proposal development process is a plus
  • Understanding of the educational mission of the university
  • Working knowledge of project management tools like GitHub, Jira
  • Working knowledge of analysis tools (e.g. Tableau)

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