CWE2010 seeks presentations, posters


Scientists, academicians, technologists, architects and engineers from around the world are invited to present their ideas, experience and views related to computational wind engineering at the Fifth International Symposium on Computational Wind Engineering (CWE2010) in Chapel Hill, NC, May 23-27, 2010. The deadline for submitting all proposals is October 17, 2009.  

The symposium, hosted by the Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI), the UNC Center for the Study of Natural Hazards and Disasters, and the University of North Carolina Institute for the Environment, will provide a platform for discussing and exchanging the latest information on all computational wind engineering topics, including (but not limited to) Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations used in wind engineering. Each CWE symposium reflects the scientific advances in the developing CWE sciences as well as the rapid advances in high performance computing hardware and software used by wind engineers.

The theme for CWE2010 is CWE Applications for Homeland and Societal Security. Theme topics include natural and human-caused hazards and disasters, linking human health effects and property damage with CWE, simulation of meteorological phenomena, fires in buildings, cities and forests, use of CWE in developing wind energy systems and their optimum siting, and much more. Both oral and poster presentations are being sought on all CWE topics. In addition there are four special topic plenary sessions:

  • Applying Computational Wind Engineering to Practice: Perspectives from the Political, Academic, Corporate, and Public Sector Community
  • Trends in High Performance Computing for Wind Engineering
  • Development, Validation, and Application of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Models and Turbulence Models for CWE
  • Coupling Computational Wind Engineering and Mesoscale Meteorological Models

For more information on the symposium and the call for proposals, see