Forecasting Coastal Impacts from Tropical Cyclones along the US East and Gulf Coasts using the ADCIRC Prediction System


Over the past two decades ADCIRC ( has become one of, if not the most widely used community modeling platform for storm surge / coastal flooding predictions across academia, governmental agencies and the private sector.  The ADCIRC Prediction System (APS) manages ADCIRC on HPC resources for real-time computation of coastal hazards.  This project is expanding the existing APS to incorporate new forcing mechanisms and models (NOAA’s new WaveWatch3, COAMPS-Tropical Cyclone forcing, and XBeach) and new features such as coastal erosion and sediment transport and damage assessment tools.

RENCI’s Role

RENCI is implementing a new data assimilation system for the ADCIRC Prediction System. Rick Luettich leads the project. Brian Blanton leads the RENCI components of the project.

Project Team

  • Rich Luettich (lead)
  • Brian Blanton


  • University of Georgia
  • The Water Institute of the Gulf
  • Oregon State University
  • North Carolina State University
  • University of Rhode Island
  • Seahorse Coastal Consulting


  • National Ocean Partnership Program (NOPP) and the Office of Naval Research (ONR)