These pages include journal articles, book chapters and papers written by researchers and administrators during their tenure at the Renaissance Computing Institute. The publications are organized by research focus areas and are listed from most to least recent.  Whenever possible, PDFs or Word documents of articles and abstracts are included.

White Papers

Launched in 2013, the RENCI White Paper series discusses RENCI research, innovations and technical approaches and solutions to problems in data science, computer science, networking, medical informatics, and other fields relevant to RENCI work. Many of the papers are co-produced by the National Consortium for Data Science and other RENCI partners.

Scholarly Papers

Papers authored or co-authored by RENCI staff are included in this archive. These papers were either published in academic/scientific journals or included in the proceedings of a professional conference. Please note that links to papers in online journals may be changed or removed by the journal and that passwords are sometimes required. Papers are archived with the most recent first.

Technical Reports

This page provides a list of technical reports produced by RENCI researchers as part of their ongoing work on projects with collaborators across the nation. Reports are listed by year and number.