The state of North Carolina has conducted extensive aerial surveys of the state using orthophotography—a method of aerial photography that produces extremely high resolution images. With each pixel representing six inches of space on the ground, these orthophotos are a valuable resource for state tax assessment and planning purposes, as well as for research and other applications. Additional information may be layered onto orthophotos for an enriched view of the entire state.

The NC Department of Emergency Management is implementing quality control to ensure the accuracy and correct categorization of the many images in its orthophotography collection. To assist with these quality control efforts, RENCI hosts the entire 30-terabyte collection and is developing a system, using the open source GeoServer, to make the collection accessible for meeting the state’s needs. Eventually, RENCI and state officials expect that the images will be made available to the public for use in research and other applications.


State of North Carolina

RENCI Project Team

  • Jeff Heard, project leader
  • Leesa Brieger
  • Lisa Stillwell


State of North Carolina Department of Emergency Management