Mission and Vision

Our Vision

RENCI strives to be a leader in data science and an essential catalyst for data-driven discoveries leading to better health, a safer environment, and improved economic and business successes.

Since 2004, RENCI has served as a living laboratory fostering data science expertise, advancing software development tools and techniques, developing effective cross-disciplinary and cross-sector engagement strategies, and establishing sustainable business models for software and services. Our work aims to stimulate long-term investments that will help position North Carolina and its universities as major forces in advancing data science research and education, and the use of data for the public good.

Our Mission

RENCI develops and deploys data science cyberinfrastructure that helps researchers in academia, government, and business use data to drive discoveries, innovate, make informed decisions, and spur economic development.

  • We build communities of domain scientists, data scientists, technology practitioners, and end users who apply data to catalyze innovation and knowledge discovery.
  • We relentlessly improve our competencies in data science and cyberinfrastructure development and deployment, including the entire stack of resources and cloud services known as research cyberinfrastructure.
  • We develop models of collaboration that translate our work into scientific, social, and economic innovations.
  • We document and share our findings through research publications and educational materials.

Our Values

  • We are committed to excellence and continuous improvement.
  • We seek collaborations across disciplinary boundaries.
  • We foster inclusivity, promote diversity, and embrace the unique skills and qualities of our employees and collaborators.
  • We create and maintain a culture that fosters innovation, creative thinking, and scholarly works.
  • We emphasize openness and transparency.
  • We use sustainable practices that translate to a sustainable organization.

RENCI Strategic Plan