The GENI Instrumentation and Measurement Infrastructure (GIMI) project develops and deploys a framework capable of supporting the needs of GENI experimenters and infrastructure operators in order to build large-scale infrastructure for the Global Environments for Network Innovation (GENI) initiative. It uses the ORBIT Measurement Library (OML) as a base to provide libraries with instrument resources to filter and process measurement flows, and to then consume those flows. It also uses the integrated Rule Oriented Data System (iRODS) data grid for archiving and further processing. It includes access control based on accepted GENI policy and authorization mechanisms.

RENCI’s role

RENCI led the effort on developing new iRODS services and interfaces and integrating iRODS into the GIMI architecture to provide backend data archiving services for the measurement data generated by GIMI. In the long run, the iRODS-based archive service was extended to provide GENI-wide storage and archive service.


Project Team

  • Ilya Baldin
  • Shu Huang