Claim Jumping


Claim Jumping through Scientific Literature is a Faculty Fellow research project that is creating an information synthesis system. The system will be a method for retrieving information across disciplinary boundaries that address the differences in semantics and syntax used by different disciplines.

Called Claim Jumper to signify modern-day gold miners searching for nuggets of knowledge on the cyber frontier, the project was presented to RENCI by Catherine Blake, assistant professor in the School of Information and Library Science at UNC. The system will address the increasing need for information from many disciplines by researchers and practitioners in public health, environmental science, education, genomics, economics, and other fields.

RENCI information retrieval experts are collaborating with Blake to create an information synthesis system that will automatically generate fluent, well organized summaries of information in published literature from many academic disciplines. Given a combination of semantics and syntax in text will enable the system to recognize contradictions at a concept, sentence, and document level.


State of North Carolina


Catherine Blake, assistant professor, School of Information and Library Science, UNC

Project Team

Nassib Nassar


Blake, C. (2007) In Support of e-science – Shifting from Information Retrieval to Information Synthesis, Presentation at the 2007 Microsoft eScience Workshop at RENCI, Chapel Hill, NC.

Blake, C. and Nassar, N. (2007) Using Concepts and Entailment for Passage Retrieval from Biomedical Literature, Abstract in the 2007 Microsoft eScience Workshop at RENCI, Chapel Hill, NC.