The National Consortium for Data Science (NCDS) is a collaboration of leaders in academia, industry and government formed to address the data challenges of the 21st century.  The NCDS was founded as a mechanism to help the U.S. take advantage of the increasing flow of digital data in order to produce new jobs and industries, new advances in healthcare, transformative discoveries in science, and competitive advantages for U.S. industry. It aims to offer a foundation for advancing data science research, educating the next generation of data scientists, and translating data innovations into economic opportunity. RENCI played a lead role in establishing the NCDS in 2012 and is one of the founding members. The Consortium supports a variety of programs and initiatives:

  • The Data Science Faculty Fellows program provides seed grants to innovative early-career researchers at NCDS academic member institutions.
  • NCDS Working Groups provide members with opportunities to explore specific data topics in depth over a period of time with a collection of industry and academic thought leaders.
  • The NCDS Data Matters Short Course Series helps scientists, business managers, and government officials better understand the field of data science and provides practical skills to apply in their organizations.
  • The NCDS Data Observatory is a diverse repository of very large data sets for NCDS members to use and share in support of the mission to advance data science. The Observatory offers a place for those interested in the science of data to form a community to exchange tools, approaches, data and other relevant information.


  • Engage a broad community of data science experts to identify key data science challenges.
  • Coordinate data science research priorities and encourage research that spans industry, academia, and government.
  • Facilitate the development of data science education programs to train a new generation of data experts.

Project Team

  • Stan Ahalt (Project Leader)
  • Karen Green
  • David Knowles
  • Ashok Krishnamurthy
  • Chris Lenhardt
  • Jennifer Resnick
  • Charles Schmitt



Visit the NCDS website for more information.