iBiblio 3D


iBiblio is one of the largest collections of information avaialble on the Internet and includes literature, art, music, software, history and more. This visualization provides a geocentric and spatial understanding of iBiblio traffic.

Using the color highlight feature makes it easy to see where traffic from several sites originates and easy to compare clusters of local interest. The user can also investigate sites to determine its location as well as the dates and number of hits the site has received.

For every unique connection to an iBiblio site in the server logs, an entry is made and a token is placed at its given location on the globe. The dates and number of hits from that location are then aggregated for that site. A historgram of the total hits for each site is provided, which highlights every location for that site.

Project Team

  • Jason Coposky (project lead)
  • Jeff Heard (data preparation)


Paul Jones, UNC Chapel Hill/iBiblio


iBiblio 2D