High-growth Companies


This visualization represents characteristics of high-growth companies in North Carolina, broken down by county. The characteristics examined include county-wide total employment, total business establishments, expansion in employment, expansion in employment by high-growth companies, distribution of high-growth companies and distribution of employees working in high growth companies.

The data sets were supplied by the High-Growth Companies Research Group, a partnership between RENCI and the Kenan Institute for Private Enterprise at UNC Chapel Hill. The visualizations were generated using an interactive application for visualizing North Carolina data sets by county, developed by Sidharth Thakur at RENCI’s Engagement Center at NC State University.

The visualizations allow users to compare two different variables (including other county-level data sets, such as census data) using height and color.

Project Team

  • Sarat Kocherlakota
  • Michael Shoffner
  • Sidharth Thakur


Ted Zoller, Kenan Institute for Private Enterprise/Kenan-Flagler Business School, UNC Chapel Hill


High Growth Companies