Polymer Modeling


Melissa Pasquinelli, a textile researcher and assistant professor in the College of Textiles at NC State University, uses computer simulations of polymers to figure out new ways to take advantage of polymers’ unique properties to make advanced materials. Pasquinelli teamed with RENCI visualization and data software development specialist Sidharth Thakur to develop a suite of visual and analytical tools that could take her polymer simulations to the next level.

Scientists in Pasquinelli’s lab and others working on polymer research use simulations to try out new approaches—like adjusting temperatures, configurations and processes—virtually, before experimenting with real-life materials. The visual and analytical tools created by RENCI help researchers in Pasquinelli’s lab to extract more information from the models they’ve already developed. In addition, the tools—particularly the visual tools—can help spark new questions and insights about polymer systems.

Project Team

Sidharth Thakur


Melissa Pasquinelli, NC State University