DataNet Federation Consortium


The DataNet Federation Consortium (DFC) is one of four DataNet projects funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). DFC is a multi-institutional project developing national data management infrastructure to support collaborative multidisciplinary research through shared data collections and shared research workflows. A focus of the project is developing interoperability mechanisms between DFC-enabled data management systems and other national scale data management systems, such as the other DataNet projects. A prototype system was successfully demonstrated to NSF in April 2013, and work now focuses on producing a system ready for national deployment in mission critical data-dependent applications.

Personnel from the Data Intensive Cyber Environments (DICE) research group in UNC’s School of Information and Library Science (SILS) lead the DFC. The foundation of DFC functionality is the integrated Rule Oriented Data System (iRODS) software, originally produced by the DICE group and now led by the iRODS Consortium.

Personnel from the DICE group and at RENCI work with six NSF-supported national consortia to federate their distributed data repositories for collaborative research, and based on common needs of the domains, develop mechanisms, tools, and policies supporting data discovery, retention, distribution, access, and validation across the DFC data grids.

RENCI’s Role


RENCI hosts and administers the DFC’s federation hub that connects the project’s various data grids and supports cross-disciplinary research. RENCI personnel provide project management and facilities and system management support for DFC.

Project Team

  • Reagan Moore (Principal Investigator)
  • Jon Goodall (Co-PI)
  • John Orcutt (Co-PI)
  • Arcot Rajasekar (Co-PI)
  • Stan Ahalt, Interim PI (September 2014-February 2015), Advisory
  • Chitta Baral
  • Sheau-Yen Chen
  • Andrea Chiba
  • Mike Conway
  • Jon Crabtree
  • Bakinam Essawy
  • Jane Greenberg
  • Karl Gustafson
  • Cal Lee
  • Chris Lenhardt
  • Nirav Merchant
  • Isaac Simons
  • Marcin Silwowski
  • Lisa Stillwell
  • Helen Tibbo
  • Mary Whitton
  • Hao Xu



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