TeraGrid Science Gateway


TeraGrid is an open infrastructure for scientific discovery that brings together high-end resources across the U.S. to create an integrated, persistent computational resource. Deployed in 2004, TeraGrid offers the open science and engineering research communities more than 40 teraflops of computing power, nearly 2 petabytes of rotating storage, and specialized data analysis and visualization resources located at eight partner sites. Through high performance network connections, the TeraGrid integrates high performance computers, data resources and tools, and high-end experimental facilities around the country. As of 2010, the TeraGrid served over 1,600 scientists and engineers who use computational, data management and visualization resources at resource provider sites.

RENCI contributed to the TeraGrid through the TeraGrid Science Gateways initiative. Science Gateways work to make TeraGrid resources accessible to new communities of users through common Web portal interfaces. RENCI was involved with three TeraGrid Science Gateway projects:

  • RENCI lead the Bioportal and Biomedicine Science Gateway project, which  developed a portal interface to give biologists an easy-to-use standard interface for running computational models on the TeraGrid resources, comparing large datasets including genomic sequences, and collaborating with colleagues. RENCI  adapted its North Carolina Bioportal for the TeraGrid.
  • The Linked Environments for Atmospheric Discovery (LEAD) Science Gateway  creates cyberenvironments for mesoscale atmospheric research. RENCI’s work with LEAD focused on performance monitoring and adaptation and fault tolerance performability and recovery for the LEAD infrastructure.
  • RENCI participated in the Open Science Grid, a consortium of U.S. universities and laboratories that partners with the TeraGrid on work to create a common national grid infrastructure that is open in its architecture, implementation and use.


National Science Foundation

Project Leaders

  • Project Director: Charlie Catlett, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Science Coordinator: Ray Bair, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Project Manager: Tim Cockerill, NCSA

Project Team

  • John McGee, project leader
  • Howard Lander


Lavanya Ramakrishnan, Mark S.C Reed, Jeffrey L. Tilson, Daniel A. Reed, Grid Portals for Bioinformatics, Second International Workshop on Grid Computing Environments (GCE), Workshop at SC|06, November 2006, Tampa, Florida



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