Quantum Chromodynamics


QCD is concerned with simulating the strong force–the force that binds quarks together to create subatomic particles. The calculations involved are very complex, and using visualization enables researchers to test various scientific theories to determine whether they see what they would expect.

These images are visualizations of a single time-step in computing the topological charge in a Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) simulation.

The first image shows a hybrid volume rendering and surface rendering approach. Positive charge is red and negative charge is blue. The opacity falls off with the magnitude of the charge, so only areas of high charge are shown. When animated, this visualization shows how clumps of charge form and decay as the simulation progresses. The second image shows a slice through the middle of the volume, providing a different perspective on the clumps of charge.

Project Team

David Borland


  • Dr. Massimo Di Pierro
  • Dr. Patrick Dreher