The DESTINY Traveling Science Learning Program


The DESTINY (Delivering Edge-Cutting Science Technology and Internet Across North Carolina for Years to Come) Traveling Science Learning Program is sponsored by the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill that serves pre-college teachers and students across North Carolina.

The module focuses on the fundamental concepts of evolutionary biology and leads students to understand the theory of endosymbiosis and the origin of eukaryotes. Upon completion of a “The Power Within” workshop, educators are given all the materials they need to incorporate the module straight into their classrooms. It is a stand-alone module that doesn’t depend on equipment provided by the DESTINY traveling science laboratories.

DESTINY develops and delivers a standards-based, hands-on curriculum, teacher professional development opportunities, and enriched learning for students who otherwise would not be able to experience what jobs in science, biotechnology, health, and many related fields can offer them.

RENCI Contribution

RENCI assisted the DESTINY program in the development and dissemination of the curriculum module to North Carolina educators.


  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • National Center for Research Resources of the National Institutes of Health
  • DESTINY Traveling Science Learning Program


  • State of North Carolina
  • National Science Foundation

Project Team

  • Stephenie McLean
  • Jennifer Shelton


DESTINY: Morehead Planetarium and Science Center