UNC Worldwide Grants


Understanding the worldwide impact of grants at a Research I institute can be challenging. UNC has been tracking its grant awards, and is gradually building up a historical database of grants that spans decades. However, a database is merely that–a collection of data. The university sought a closer look at where grant money was going, where it was coming from, what the funding stream looks like into the future, and where on campus the PIs are.

This visualization shows how much money is in grants listing each state in the United States, country around the world, and county in North Carolina. Larger circles means more money is in grants listing that area. Clicking on a circle gives the user a breakdown of what grants make up that circle. The timeline at the bottom shows the amount of money allocated on any given day (the upper bar) and the number of grants active at UNC on any given day. On the left is a bar graph of the amount of funding coming from all the various agencies that grant funds to UNC. On the right is each department and its allocation of funds.

The whole visualization runs as a time loop that can be interrupted and moved to any day of any year in the database. Our goal is to provide a compelling overview of all the funding at UNC to show the worldwide impact of university funding at the Research I level.

Project Team

Jeff Heard


Andy Johns, UNC Chapel Hill