mcs_superThe Institute for Sustained Performance, Energy, and Resilience (SUPER) is a collaborative effort among researchers at several institutions with expertise in high performance compilers and other system tools, performance engineering, energy management, and resilience. It was developed under the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing (SciDAC) program to ensure that DOE scientists and laboratories can successfully take advantage of the emerging generation of high performance computing systems. Modern systems are capable of more than 1 quadrillion floating point operations per second (1 petaflop/s), and performance is expected to improve by several orders of magnitude over the next five years. They will allow scientists to make new and more transformative discoveries in a broad range of disciplines, including physics, chemistry, and material science.

SUPER aims to facilitate fast, efficient, and reliable computation on these new systems as well as to reduce energy usage, all while minimizing the time and effort required of scientists who depend on them.  SUPER researchers also work to automate performance tuning, which helps software perform well across a wide range of systems, including future systems. Another important research area for SUPER is resilience, or ensuring that systems and applications are able to keep operating even when a component fails.

RENCI’s Role

RENCI contributes to a comprehensive toolkit to monitor and analyze all system hardware resources including power consumption, input/output, and communication.  Analyses are to be used to guide strategies for restructuring software programs to achieve greater speed and power efficiency. A key thrust of SUPER’s research is the dynamic automation of the restructuring process so that the burden will not fall to the scientists who use DOE systems.

Project Team

  • Rob Fowler (Principal Investigator)
  • Anirban Mandal
  • Paul Ruth
  • Jeff Tilson
  • Robert Lewis (Graduate Student)
  • Sridutt Balachandra (Graduate Student)



U.S. Department of Energy


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