NC-FIRST for Teachers


NC-FIRST for Teachers was a project designed to help North Carolina Earth and environmental science teachers and seventh grade science teachers meet state requirements to teach meteorology and weather and address the relevance of technology in science. The project’s activities were completed in 2009.

Through NC-FIRST for Teachers, RENCI education and outreach experts provided training to teachers in the use of the NC-FIRST weather portal as a classroom tool to teach meteorology and atmospheric science. RENCI also assisted teachers in the process of incorporating the weather portal into their curricula. NC-FIRST is a tool developed by RENCI and weather data from the National Weather Service, the North Carolina State Climate Office, and other sources into a customizable, easy-to-use Web portal. It is designed to help North Carolina emergency service providers interpret weather data and coordinate response plans.

As a result of the NC-FIRST for Teachers outreach project, the NC-FIRST weather portal is now used by science teachers across the state to provide relevant, interactive and innovative education that demonstrates the importance of, and generates interest in, technology, climate, atmospheric science and earth science among pre-college students.


State of North Carolina

Project Team

  • Jennifer Shelton, project leader
  • Jessica Proud


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