4K Video Production


4K video cameras capture extreme high-resolution video—with an output 4,000 pixels wide, the cameras provide four times the resolution of “High-Definition” cameras. Used by Hollywood filmmakers and by researchers to capture images from the Martian landscape to the depths of Earth’s oceans, these high-resolution cameras offer opportunities to take research, education and art to a higher level.

RENCI offers access to its two 4K video camera systems for projects across the University of North Carolina system. Recent projects include:

  • 4K Dome Presentations: Artist David Colagiovanni, a faculty member in the UNC Chapel Hill art department and Fellow at Morehead Planetarium and Science Center, presented his 4K video work in the new Glaxo-Smith-Klein Fulldome Theatre at the Morehead Planetarium in April 2010. Colagiovanni’s work explores how 4K definition affects the audience experience in dome presentations. He plans to continue using the camera for dome projects in Fall 2010.
  • Digital arts student projects. Joyce Rudinsky, an associate professor of communication studies at UNC Chapel Hill, used the camera for in-class projects with students in her digital arts class during Spring semester 2010.
  • John McCord, education programs coordinator at the UNC Coastal Studies Institute in Manteo, will document German U-Boats sunken off the North Carolina Coast in June and July 2010. The project, funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, will be the first underwater use of RENCI’s 4K camera system.


State of North Carolina


  • Morehead Planetarium and Science Center
  • School of Communications, UNC Chapel Hill
  • UNC Coastal Studies Institute
  • RED Digital Cinema

Project Team

  • Josh Coyle, project leader
  • Karen Green
  • Ray Idaszak