NCEMA Collaborative Workspace


Communication and collaboration are key components of successful emergency management. To enhance these components in the North Carolina emergency management community, RENCI is working with the community to roll out three products that make up the Collaborative Workspace Environment for Emergency Managers. These products include NC-FIRST, desktop conferencing software, and a new North Carolina Emergency Management Association workspace.

  • NC-FIRST allows emergency managers to stay aware of the weather that is affecting their area and communicate more effectively with the NWS.
  • Desktop conferencing lets users share applications, such as storm surge data and presentations, with people around the state.
  • The NCEMA web portal allows users to post their own information such as contact information and a training calendar so that others are always getting the most up-to-date information.

Although these products target various forms of communication and collaboration, they are most beneficial when used together as a suite of tools during an emergency manager’s day-to-day work as well as during a critical decision making time.

Project Team

  • Jessica Proud, project leader
  • Michael Stealey


Institute for the Environment