RENCI experts attending GENI Conference

Several members of RENCI are proudly representing us at the National Science Foundation GENI Engineering Conference in Madison, WI July 21-23. Bonnie Hurst, Ilya Baldin, Shu Huang and Yufeng Xin are at the Conference to promote ExoGENI, a nationwide test bed for networking and networked cloud computing involving RENCI, Duke University, and IBM.

ExoGENI is funded by the Project Office of the NSF Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI), a virtual laboratory which intends to open up new areas of research at the frontiers of network science and engineering by enabling deep programmability throughout the network, promoting innovations in network science, security, technologies, services and applications, and providing collaborative environments to catalyze innovation.

ExoGENI links GENI to two advances in virtual infrastructure services: open cloud computing and dynamic circuit fabrics. It orchestrates a federation of independent cloud sites across the U.S. and links them to other GENI resources. At the conference, these RENCI experts will hold tutorial sessions on ExoGENI, give live demos, and answer questions on how researchers can obtain ExoGENI for their own work.

Check out exactly what our experts will be doing at the Conference here!