RENCI Presence at Major Metadata Conference in Greece next week

Several RENCI researchers will be presenting at one of the biggest international metadata research conferences next week in Thessaloniki, Greece. The seventh International Conference on Metadata and Semantics Research (MTSR’13) will bring together scholars and practitioners within the interdisciplinary field of metadata, linked data and ontologies. Participants will share knowledge and best practices in the implementation of these technologies.

Metadata applications span a diverse set of platforms including cultural informatics; open access repositories (digital libraries), E-learning applications; search engine optimization and information retrieval; research information systems and infrastructures; e-science and e-social science applications; agriculture and food; environment and ecology; and bio-health & medical information systems.

RENCI researchers Reagan Moore, Chief Domain Scientist, and Mary Whitton, Senior Project Manager, contributed to a paper entitled “Advancing the DFC Semantic Technology Platform via HIVE Innovation” which details the DataNet Federation Consortium’s (DFC) efforts to develop metadata grids for multidisciplinary research. The HIVE project is being integrated into iRODS in the DFC architecture to provide a scaleable linked open data approach to scientific data sharing.

Data Management Research Scientist, Terrell Russell, and Data Intensive Cyber Environments staff, Antoine de Torcy, both also from RENCI, contributed to a different paper for the conference, entitled “Using Metadata to Facilitate Understanding And Certification of Assertions about the Preservation Properties of a Preservation System”. This paper details a method to assist developers of preservation repositories to verify that their archival recommendations are being applied, as well as ensure the application of preservation policies.

The co-chair of the conference is Jane Greenberg, a professor in UNC Chapel Hill’s School of Information and Library Science 
(SILS) and the Director of the Metadata Research Center. Greenberg is also one of the 2014 National Consortium for Data Science (NCDS) new Data Science Fellows.

All papers from the conference are being published in the online journal Communications in Computer and Information Science (Springer), Volume 390. Congrats to our scientists and have a great time in Greece!