RENCI at ECU announces Visualization Challenge winners

The Visualization Challenge hosted by RENCI at East Carolina University (ECU) drew excellent presentations again this year.

Cal Scheinert, undergraduate winner, and Thad Wester, graduate winner, as well as Hillary Huffer, first runner up, were recognized at the 2011 Research and Creative Week Luncheon at ECU on April 8.

Scheinert and Wester are both geography majors working with Prof. Thad Wasklewicz on laser scanning projects. Huffer is a Ph.D. student in coastal resources management working with Prof. Jamie Kruse in economics department.

The Visualization Challenge is held every year at RENCI at ECU to recognize outstanding student achievements in scientific visualization.

The full list of 2011 participants and projects includes:

  • Cal Ryan Scheinert, geography, (undergraduate winner)
Digital terrain models of debris flow activity at Chalk Cliffs, Colorado
  • Daniel Bera, maritime studies, Examining two shipwrecks on the Cooper River in South Carolina
  • Jeffrey Chmielewski, biology,
Salivary gland with polytene chromosomes in D. melanogaster
  • Hillary Huffer, coastal resources management (graduate First runner up)
Multi-criteria spatial analysis of oil rig suitability in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Nathaniel F. Howe, maritime studies,
Deconstructing and reconstructing the Pacific schooner Wawona
  • Chad Hunter, biology,
A SEM picture of a wild type drosophila melanogaster (common fruit fly)
  • Thad Wester, geography (graduate winner)
Visualizations of models from point clouds
  • Michael Rubens, biology,
Apoptosis in drosophila melanogaster ovarioles