RENCI opens registration for eScience workshop

Registration is now open for the 2007 Microsoft eScience Workshop, hosted by the Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI). This free workshop will be held Oct. 21-23 at the University of North Carolina’s Friday Center for Continuing Education. To register, go to

The conference also seeks presentation ideas on topics related to all areas of e-science. Some examples include:

  • Modeling of natural systems
  • Knowledge discovery and merging datasets
  • Science data analysis, mining, and visualization
  • Healthcare and biomedical informatics
  • High performance computing in science
  • Innovations in publishing scientific literature, results, and data
  • The impact of eScience on teaching and learning
  • Applying novel information technologies to disaster management
  • Robotics in science
  • Scientific challenges with no obvious computing solutions

The program committee will evaluate abstracts and those not selected for presentation will be offered the chance to participate in a poster session. The deadline for abstract submissions has been extended to Aug. 20.

The workshop will address the challenges created by the ubiquitous use of computers in scientific research. As the possibilities of scientific computing have expanded, new issues have begun to impact researchers across disciplines. Insights made possible in a discipline through computational resources catalyze change and accelerate discovery in other areas. More and more, researchers must communicate and share information with colleagues in other disciplines.

The Microsoft eScience Workshop will bring together scientist from a variety of disciplines to share their research and their experiences of how computing is shaping their work. The focus will be on the research, and the technologies that make that research possible.

Workshop co-chairs are RENCI Director Dan Reed and Tony Hey, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for technical computing. Event posters are available upon request from