Making genomes make sense

CHAPEL HILL, NC – Sometimes, technology progresses faster than our ability to take advantage of it. The Internet was the domain of the U.S. Department of Defense and a handful of scientists before enterprising college students and technology geeks figured out how to make money off it and launched the “” era. Similarly, in only a decade, technology has transformed the sequencing of a whole human genome from a scientific milestone costing about $3 billion to a relatively routine affair costing several thousand dollars. But using this wealth of genomic data to improve healthcare and human health has proven to be a tougher nut to crack. Read more

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Second beta release of E-iRODS now available for download


RENCI is pleased to announce the second beta release, version 3.0b2, of the new E-iRODS binary distribution.  This release marks a continued progress toward the first full release of E-iRODS, which will be backed up by extensive unit, functional, and regression testing, running continuously on RENCI’s open infrastructure. Support and documentation will also be available. Read more

RENCI-affiliated teams elected to Federation of Earth Science Information Partners

The Assembly of the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP Federation) elected four new member organizations, two of which have an affiliation with RENCI and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, bringing total membership to more than 140 organizations. Read more

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Carolina Launch Pad names four new ventures to its 2012-2013 class

CHAPEL HILL, NC, June 6, 2012—A new crop of Carolina entrepreneurs have joined Carolina Launch Pad, the university’s pre-commercial technology startup incubator. The companies will participate in the program for the next year. Read more

Carolina Launch Pad company Sqord recognized for innovation in fighting childhood obesity

Sqord bands

Students display their Sqord Power Bands, electronic devices that record their physical activity. Players can instantly upload data from the devices to the Sqord website, a safe and exciting environment where they can keep track of their activities and engage in competitions with their friends.

CHAPEL HILL, NC–Sqord, a UNC Chapel Hill startup that uses an online social game environment to encourage kids to be more active, was named one of two national winners in a competition to recognize innovative technologies used to combat childhood obesity. Read more

RENCI visualization experts to assist two Duke research teams

Cassar on sea ice

Nicolas Cassar, assistant professor in Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment, stands on sea ice over the North Pole during an expedition last summer to collect data on carbon export from ocean surfaces to the deep. Cassar is one of the Duke faculty members who will work with RENCI through the Program in Applied Scientific and Information Visualization.

DURHAM, NC—Two Duke University research projects—one that uses virtual environments to combat the Type 2 diabetes epidemic and another that aims to understand the role of the oceans in global climate change—will get a boost from RENCI scientific visualization experts as they work to understand complex, multidimensional datasets.

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Full-dome storytelling

A creative team at the University of North Carolina’s Morehead Planetarium and Science Center is combining traditional storytelling with digital technologies from RENCI to create a fulldome planetarium show that promises to wow both adults and children when it premiers during winter of 2012.

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UNC/RENCI research team joins effort to build data infrastructure for geosciences

CHAPEL HILL – RENCI and the School of Information and Library Sciences (SILS) at UNC Chapel Hill have joined a nationwide effort to build an integrated data management infrastructure that will help scientists better understand the complex processes of the planet Earth, from meteorology to solid earth sciences to hydrology and oceanography. Read more

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Emerging Company Showcase presents 14 UNC startups

Fourteen startup companies based on innovations at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will present at the annual Emerging Company Showcase on April 18.

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RENCI-SILS CI-BER project cited in White House “Big Data” announcement

CHAPEL HILL, NC – On March 29, 2012, the White House announced the “Big Data Research and Development Initiative.”

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