Sea Change

Researchers use computer modeling to understand rising seas and coastal risks.

Laid back beach communities, fragile wetlands perfect for canoeing or kayaking, and iconic lighthouses come to mind when picturing North Carolina’s coast. Read more

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Journal article by RENCI researcher and UNC partners explores properties of microRNAs

One of biology’s most talked-about breakthroughs of the past decade involves microRNAs—small, non-coding strands of RNA—and their prevalence in all living cells. Read more

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Carolina Launch Pad invites applications from UNC entrepreneurs

Russell Taylor, Ricky Spero and Richard Superfine of Rheomics, a Carolina Launch Pad firm.

CHAPEL HILL, NC, March 14, 2011—Entrepreneurs at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are encouraged to apply for a spot in the Carolina Launch Pad, the pre-commercial technology business accelerator located at the Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI).

Read more

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RENCI Brown Bag Lecture – Rheomics, Inc.

Also available via teleconferencing at the Health Sciences Library Collaboration Center, 227 HSL

Rheomics, Inc.: Diagnosing cancer using mechanical biology

Speaker: Ricky Spero, vice president of product development, Rheomics, Inc.

For the past decade, UNC Prof. Richard Superfine (physics and astronomy) has been studying the role physics plays in a wide range of diseases, from cancer to blood clotting disorders. His lab’s discoveries led to exciting new technology that Rheomics, Inc., a new UNC spinout and participant in the Carolina Launch Pad at RENCI, is working to turn into a next-generation cancer diagnostic. Ricky Spero, the company’s VP of product development and a post doctoral associate in the physics and astronomy department, will discuss the business, the product and how RENCI is helping the company get started.

*Free and open to the public*

RSVP (if you plan to attend at RENCI) to: Karen Green

Benefits of BEN

RENCI’s Breakable Experimental Network means new research opportunities at UNC

CHAPEL HILL–A laboratory can be a physical space—such as the Networking Laboratory in the computer science department at UNC Chapel Hill. Or it can exist in cyberspace, like RENCI’s Breakable Experimental Network (BEN), a regional optical network test bed for experiments with disruptive networking technologies.

Combine BEN with the expert faculty and resourceful students in the aforementioned Networking Lab and you’ve created a recipe for cutting-edge research that could transform the Internet and its ability to transport ever-increasing loads of data. Read more

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RENCI at ECU works to build awareness of coastal issues

It’s been almost four years since RENCI established its East Carolina University (ECU) regional engagement center, an effort that links RENCI experts to faculty, staff and students at ECU to address issues important to coastal North Carolina. Read more

OpenFlow switch donation enables research and education

CHAPEL HILL, February 18, 2011–With funds from the GENI Project Office (GPO) distributed through Stanford University, RENCI and its Triangle area university partners recently received five OpenFlow-enabled network switches valued at $3,000 per unit. Read more

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Carolina Launch Pad alumni win Small Business Innovation grant

Altometrics was founded by Jeff Terrell (above) and Sir Robert Burbridge.

CHAPEL HILL, NC—The founders of Altometrics, Inc., have a goal that sounds simple: make the Internet faster. They want to speed up the performance of your favorite websites, prevent those frustrating slow-downs and enable richer Web services. Read more

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To close or not to close

A prototype graphic display of ice storm information lets the user see how much ice will accumulate and what roads will be affected.

A school snow day often leaves kids jumping for joy and their parents scrambling to readjust their work schedules.

But what about the people who make the decision to cancel classes? They are usually school transportation officials, who analyze changing weather conditions and gather information on road conditions, and school district administrators, who make the final decision. Most of the time, they have no training in meteorology or emergency management, yet the safety of thousands rests in their hands during winter weather emergencies. Read more

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iRODS 2011 User Group Meeting announced

The Data Intensive Cyber Environments Center (DICE Center) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will hold the third annual User Group Meeting for iRODS, the Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System, on “Sustainable Policy-Based Data Management, Sharing, and Preservation.”

The meeting is cosponsored by RENCI and will be held February 17 – 18, 2011, at RENCI’s Europa Center headquarters in Chapel Hill. Read more

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