Isma Gilani

Staff Title: Director of Software Architecture Group

Isma Gilani’s career in Computer Science, spanning multiple industries, has enabled her to build solid skills in key areas of software development ranging from requirements gathering and analysis, user centered design, solution development, and implementation. For the last three years, she has acted as a principal developer on various projects concerned with connecting research communities to cloud native computational capabilities and providing domain specific science workspaces. She has become a key contributor in the development of the HeLx framework, which was motivated by the need for collaboration among scientists and researchers in light of the challenges faced by exponential growth in generation of scientific data. Her in-depth comprehension of HeLx’s architecture, its foundational technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Python/Django, as well as the ability to interface with users enables her to bridge the gap between humans and technology and come up with an effective plan to design, develop, and deploy the right system.
In her role with the RADx Data Hub, she applies soft and technical skills as well as extensive experience in collaborative software development to work with Dr. Ashok Krishnamurthy, the research community, and the RADx team to develop use cases and “translate” those cases into design features for development.